Why choose us ?

You want to be Kosher certified, it is important for you that :

  • Your certification agency is experienced and its team is available and responsive in order to offer you the best services and adapt its requirements to your working methods
  • Your Kosher certificate is accepted by consumers, manufacturers and other Kosher certification agencies worldwide
  • Your certification agency actively participates in the promotion of your Kosher products
  • Your costs related to Kosher certification remain under control

Choosing us means :

  • Trusting a recognized and experienced State institution
  • Benefiting from an international certification : Kosher Strasbourg being a member of the AKO (insérer lien : https://www.akokosher.org/) (Association of Kashrus Organizations, the association of Kosher certification agencies), the value of our certificates is equal to those of major American agencies
  • Making your products travel beyond borders
  • Reaching a wider audience
  • Benefiting from a free feasibility study
  • The guarantee of the best rates : at Kosher Strasbourg, the advertised rates are complete and no additional costs are to be feared !
  • The guarantee of our responsiveness : the processing and updating of your certificates are guaranteed within one week maximum !
  • Choosing flexibility : updating certificates by adding or modifying information is free, and they can be edited in either French or English directly from our platform www.mykskosher.org
  • Taking advantage of our communication relay to promote your know-how
  • Benefiting from access to the B2B Kosher Market Platform (option)

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