Kosher, what is the point ?

Kosher is for everyone !

Consuming Kosher products is not the preserve of a practicing Israelite clientele. Statistics have shown that a very large proportion of consumers of Kosher products are divided between people of non-Israelite faith, people with food intolerances, concerned about the environment or simply the general public looking for quality products.

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Kosher means international visibility !

Kosher food market offers many opportunities for food industry with excellent international prospects! Kosher food, which until recently was a niche market, has become the segment with the strongest annual growth with 10% growth each year. The French market for Kosher food is estimated at around US $ 550 million, or 10% of the European market. In addition, a Kosher certified product placed next to a non-Kosher product has 20% additional sales (USA : Lubicom Kosher analysis; 2003–2013)

Kosher means quality !

The composition and nutritional information of a product has become a fundamental point of attention for consumers, who are increasingly interested in the ingredients used and the manufacturing processes. The requirement for labels is fashionable, and Kosher certification is synonymous with high quality. In addition to indicating that the product conforms to certain religious rules, the Kosher certification attests to specific attention and monitoring, and also guarantees superior quality in accordance with consumer requirements.

Kosher means health !

Kosher certification is seen by a growing proportion of consumers as synonymous with healthy products. According to the study "Mintel Oxygen Reports – London, Feb. 2009 ”, 3 out of 5 consumers of Kosher products buy these products for their best quality and for additional protection against food poisoning. People with food intolerances or restrictions know a Kosher certified product is healthy : the Kosher certification process aims to ensure that the composition of the product does not contain any bad surprises !

Choosing Kosher Strasbourg for your Kosher certification means choosing quality and visibility !


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