Our process

STEP 1 : Contact form

Complete the contact form

Present your project using the request form. The information you submit (ingredients, technical data sheets, production process) will be treated in the strictest confidence.

STEP 2 : Assessment of your needs

Your certification request will be studied by our team. During a preliminary interview, your goals and expectations for Kosher certification will be defined.
Your contact will answer all your questions and work with you to develop a process governing the start-up and maintenance of your Kosher installation.
Your ingredients and manufacturing processes will also be studied to ensure they meet international Kosher standards.

STEP 3 : Audit visit

Prepare for the audit of your factory

An audit visit to your facilities will then be scheduled. The rabbi auditor will check the established specifications, the production process, the ingredients, the industrial tools and the cleaning of the machines.
Your staff will also be trained to facilitate the start-up and execution of your Kosher process.
An audit report will be drawn up as soon as possible with a decision on the certification of the product.

STEP 4 : Certification

After making sure that your process and your ingredients meet Kosher standards, your contract will be drafted : it will include the terms and conditions necessary to obtain and maintain Kosher certification.
Your KS certificate will also be sent.


Your product is now Kosher certified ! It will be identifiable by the KS logo and listed on our website and social networks.
Kosher Strasbourg will stay in contact with your company in order to follow up and meet all your possible needs.

Choosing Kosher Strasbourg means choosing a trusted partnership !


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